Now with care labels, white paint

I've needed care labels for some time, so I decided to do something that would work for both new and old quilts alike. I've ordered a yard of quilt-weight cotton to be printed at with this repeat:

I put together a care label, complete with QR code, and have ordered a yard of this fabric from I've gotten lots of questions about how to care for the quilts I've given people, and I needed to have a permanent solution that both answered the care questions as well as provided historical info about each quilt.Now with care labels

['Now with care labels']

I thought the QR code was a nice touch. It includes extra information, like my email address and URL. That way the care label side can be a care label and nothing else. For older quilts, the ones I can get my hands on, I'll just turn the edges of the care label under and do a quick appliqué to the back of the quilt. For newer ones, I can make the care label into a hanging tag attached to the binding of the quilt.

The old couch and loveseat in the reading room vanished this weekend, thanks to Freecycle, and it left the room much more empty than before.

Our old, beaten-up couches have been donated to a high school theater troupe. Next I'll take down the shelves (3 visible here, 3 off to your right, and 3 not visible to your left). First I'll repaint, and then I'll hang larger white shelving.Couches gone, planning begins

['Couches gone, planning begins']

Once the couches were gone, the next step in turning this room into a sewing room was to paint at least the top portion of the walls a neutral color, to better facilitate accurate color-matching. It took three coats to cover the green, and I focused on the side of the room that would first get new shelving, so I could hang some larger shelves and get some things up and out of the way.

I had help, of course.

Tenzing is always helpful. He seems to really like these shelves.Thanks, Tenzing

['Thanks, Tenzing']

It is very strange to see some of these items getting actually put away on shelves. My knitting needles, reunited and tucked away cleanly; my books sorted by hobby; and plenty of clear storage tubs left over for uses yet unimagined. Oh, and Danielle, do you recognize all those fabric sample books?

Finally, splitting books apart by hobby. The quilt books will have a place, as will the knitting books. I hope the cookbooks will eventually move to the kitchen, but for now they need to live here so I can paint the rest of the room. It's pretty exciting for all those fabric sample books to finally have a place, too!The storage begins

['The storage begins']

I need to finish painting before I can do much more. We're supposed to have thunderstorms tonight, and the paint fumes gave me a wicked headache, so I'm not sure I'll tackle more painting tonight if I can't open the windows. There are PLENTY of things to be put away on the first round of shelves, though!

I'm intensely excited about this space. I feel like I'm stealing the only true double window in the house, and stealing it for crafting purposes -- natural light, hooray! I'll put my old favorite chair in the corner, and finally have tables and a design wall and room for my fabric near where I work and and and and and...

Yeah, yeah, excitable. I know.


Care labels are such a cool idea! :D Love it :)

Me too. If you want one, I can mail you one.