Friday night round-up

Nobody sees me these days, except for the people who pop by to pick up Jeff to take him out to lunch, so I really need to make a point to write here. I'm alive, I swear; my ticket queue at work is already too large for me to ever die.

I have mixed feelings about that. I suspect I would have especially strong mixed and smelly feelings, post-mortem.

So let me cheat and give you the life in pictures, lately. I have neither the brain power for introspection nor the ability to take a straight-on shot of my current quilt, so we're just gonna have to improv here, kids.

Every night I am working on this puppy.

Currently 17 bow ties across by 25 down.

I really need a place to hang my work for photography. I know, I's on the list of things to do.Progress, even by my standards

My hand-sewing project, Pentagon Papers, is almost done. I am size-limited by the backing. Several months ago, I snapped up a gently used duvet cover from a British family. I thought it would make an especially hilarious quilt backing. I'd been horrendously stumped on what to use for a backing, and then it hit me...


The other side, much to my delight, had this large-scale print. Backing option #2

it is, then.

Bonus? This side will remain for another project:

This is a duvet cover I bought off of ebay. The first side has Daleks and Cybermen.Backing option #1

Don't make me call that one Dalek Bumps. I will. I'M DANGEROUS WHEN PUSHED, SEE? I have other friends who are Doctor Who fans. I know who you are. (Wait, I'm threatening people with quilts now? God. I have GOT to get out of this house.)

Along those lines, have I mentioned that if you become the resident batshit quilting lady, people start giving you fabric? It's possibly the most freaking awesome thing ever. I, personally, will totally whore out just about any skill I have in exchange for fat quarters. What makes it even better is when the friends know me so well that they don't even have to ask when they see fabric like this:

part of my Christmas present! LOVE.OMG. Jiggy hath struck!

Red-and-black frilly bras? I'm surprised they didn't have my NAME on it. Thank you, Jiggy. You rock. :)


As I recall, there's also the "out-fan-boyed" Jeff during my first visit, concerning episodes from classic Doctor Who.

By the way, Thomas (age 11) is working on his Dalek voice.

I applaud that you are corrupting the next generation. Don't complain if it causes fewer grandchildren, though.

On the contrary, we only planned two kids, and got three. Who knows how these things work out? We might get more grandchildren than we expect!