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Six years of quiet

This blog is nearly twenty years old. Twenty. Imagine that. My blog can buy its own smokes. (What? they changed the age for that? Fine -- it can still vote, right?)

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Wedding poem

I had assumed my life would never again contain concepts like 'anniversaries' and to be wrong brings astonishment, even to this very Pi day. The improbability of it takes my breath away, if I pause to think about it.

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What you cannot legally have

We've been in the process of gathering our materials to start the second round of the Oscar Project, and we've both agreed that one of our failings in the first round was a lack of contemporaneous note-taking during the process. By the end of the massive movie list, some early parts of the project were a bit blurry around the edges.

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2018: the screenplay edition

For birthday / Christmas / great justice / etc, Noah and I have decided to double down on movies for the next year or so:

1) The kickstarter to preserve Movie Madness hit its goal, ensuring that insanely-great movie resource remains within walking distance of our home.

1a) Our kickstarter donation means we get free rentals for quite a while in 2018.

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Susie's Qabili Pilau

Not my recipe; this recipe for qabili pilau (lamb and yellow rice with carrots and raisins) was passed along to us by Noah's friend Susie, and we ate it and loved every bit. Source is unknown. It's fragrant without being spicy-hot (though it could be easily changed to be so) and while it has a few steps, it's worth every one.

Qabili Pilau

Serves 4. 

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sunshine laws

I think the idea of keeping up a blog is a charming, weirdly outdated thing, but I still feel the compulsion to keep one. I've thought a lot recently about the impermanence of connection in the digital world I choose to live and work in.

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