playfully neurotic ectophiles on icewine

Tonight it's me, the techno, and a bottle of wine.

I am at home, peacefully and quietly nursing a drink like the adult that I'm generally not, desperately wishing this techno were louder and that I were amongst friends at an all-night rave. That's my mood—every once in a while I get the urge to slap on the most anonymous clothes I can, tie on my combat boots, and drag someone out with me to dance mindlessly until the sun rises.


we've gotta hold on to what we've got
doesn't make a difference if we make it or not…
*insert jon bon jovi yowlin' here*

Y'know, it's moments like these that I almost miss the 1980s. It's something about the big hair and guys in nicely frayed jeans and…oh, wait, this is more than you wanted to know, isn't it?moving on:

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uncrimping my brain: today's errata

I'm sitting here at my desk, looking totally busy, with Fatboy Slim's "Kalifornia" humming in my ears. I'm pondering lunch—I'm supposed to meet someone for lunch today but I don't know if it's going to work out or not.

I'm a bit disgruntled—one of my new favorite sites ( got nailed by some dumb-ass 3l337 skript k!dd3z, and as a result they've taken the site down. Sigh. I really liked—it was like Slashdot, but without a lot of the crap, and it was a lot more focused on geek life and culture instead of just 'Open Source Rooolz!'

(Sorry. I like Linux. I even have a penguin cap. But I'm not as rabid about it as some people I know. I agree that it's a good OS, and that micro$quish has major flaws, but I do graphic design professionally. The Gimp, the image editor for linux, just isn't robust enough yet for my uses.)

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mumble, mumble, mumble

Where do I sign up to get George Michael to come over and do a slinky-diva concert in my living room? I gotta know. I was just looking at the cover to Older and marveling at the Armani goodness. Doesn't matter if he's not interested in women; I can handle that; after all, I'm not exactly the kind of person that people drool over. I'm listening to this slithery bit of sonic goodness he recorded for Deon Estus (talk about where-are-they-now material!) and just drooling in general.

Hey, you come here for a prurient look into my twisted little mind—don't bitch if you get TMI.

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welcome, domesticat.

Alllllrighty. Time to get down to business. I've been doing More Important Things than working on the 'site this week—important things like cuddling on the ever-so-loving felines that allow me to live in the home I'm making mortgage payments on. I've made a new techno CD and called a friend or two, but just haven't had the urge to go home and fire up those good ol' web design skills.

Mea culpa! Mea culpa! So here's a tasty tidbit for you guys. Keep an eye on the happy box to the right—I'll post restaurant reviews as I go to places. There are lots of places in town that I could review, based off of the times that I've eaten there since moving to Huntsville in 1998, but I want my/our reviews to stand as snapshots of a single meal, not a conglomeration of experiences over two years' time.

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