Bounce (part 1 of 3)

We are fully prepared for Brad's arrival. The signs are made, the airport greeters have been chosen. Jess got inspired on these signs—we'll have to send them home with Brad as souvenirs. Poor guy. He called last night, and it was all I could do to NOT blurt out to him, "You have NO idea what you're getting into!"

But we sidestepped that by just yelling "ph33r m3!" a lot.Everyone who has arrived so far—Heather, Kat, Jess, and Terry—came by the house last night for last-minute preparations. (i.e., making signs) As usual, we ended up playing lots of music really loudly and romping with the orange-and-white wonderkitties. Tenzing, especially, was fascinated by posterboard…and the sound it makes when you shake it back and forth. Silly cat.

Our house has been officially dubbed "the geek Country Home." I love it. It's terribly appropriate, too—when they come out here, they're usually coming out here to rest and relax…

The Geek Influx continues...

Terry arrived at the airport last night. Pictures will be posted as soon as I can find a business that does one-hour APS film developing. I've got a couple of good pictures from the airport that deserve to see the light of day.

We've pretty much got this picking-up-friends-at-the-airport thing down pat. On Monday, when Kat arrived, we met her with a huge bundle of balloons (including a Powerpuff Girl balloon that was just exquisite in its appropriateness). For Terry, we showed up with four huge signs and a cheering crowd of six people.