Snowfree crash

I've discovered that a lot of the really nasty events in life start out with my saying, "But I thought I was fine!"

I've gotten sugar-crashy in a lot of different places, but through usage of Gatorade and Zone Bars I've always managed to avoid entirely misplacing my blood sugar while exercising. A good thing, since I seem to exercise a lot these days, and I suspected I'd have a spectacular time of it if I managed to have such a beastie in one of my Places Of Workout.

Well, see, I thought I was fine!

BirthdayBash2001 part 1: Tales of the Silly Hat

So John shows up with this absolutely adorable technicolor dinosaur hat. I squeal over it. He brings it to the bowling alley. At this point he's only met Kat and Geof, but he's not terrified yet. Good sign. He is squealed over and generally adored (it is the wondergeek way) but the hat…

Pictures: Thursday night bowling

I have to wonder if Pla-Mor Lanes loves or hates us. We're loud, we're really loud, we don't take our bowling seriously…but we're incredibly profitable for them. After all, we buy beer. So here's snippets of our typical Thursday night madness:

Sean, of course, just makes this photo.

(Kat, Sean, Geof, Heather, Amy, Chris Frost, Jon, Jess, Leonard, and Rick.)Lots of balls?

(images link to larger versions on flickr -- or see the full photoset)

Chris Frost gets the patented Wondergeek Kiss.  (Amy, Jess, Heather, Kat)Flickr
Chris Frost getting his wondergeek kiss.

Geof demonstrates floor bowling.Flickr Geof demonstrates proper sumo bowling technique.Flickr
Geof can do both floor bowling and sumo bowling.

Jon, Sean, Chris Frost, Amy, LeonardFlickr
This is a typical group picture.

Heather, Jess, Chris, LeonardFlickr
I cannot explain Heather's nor Jessica's expressions in this picture.

Sean being frighteningFlickr
Nor Sean's in this one.

Jess, Geof, Rick, Heather.  Beer and munchies.Flickr
Bowling inspires munchies.

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Attempt #3—letters, driving, bowling, etc.

Okay. Attempt number three at writing a semi-coherent post. Doesn't seem to be in the cards tonight.

I've found lately that my posts are taking on more of the style of a letter to a friend; I'm starting to have trouble distinguishing between the two, and I don't quite know what to make of the change.

Just hung up the phone—tried to call Brad just now. I'm not terribly surprised he's not home; there's hockey on tonight and I really didn't expect him to be there. Strangely enough—I spent the evening with a large (for me) number of people, but at the end of the evening I found myself wanting most to curl up with the phone while talking to an old friend. Since my east coast friends are well off into dreamland, I thought I'd reach out, out west, and see what was going on there.

Too much caffeine. After bowling tonight, I probably shouldn't have downed that coffee from Barnes and Noble.

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