Today's Drupal story: Do as we say, not as we do

I think every Drupal admin's had this day at least once ... okay, twice ... fine!  Five or six times.  Name changed to protect today's lucky survivor:

Quilting section now available

I've been focusing a lot of my creative time into working with fabric this year, not writing. I finally decided to create something that's been wanting for some time here -- a custom content type here on domesticat.net for my quilts.

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DrupalCon Paris: Amy's notes, day 1

If you are not at drupalcon or are not a drupal user, feel free to skip this post entirely.  These are just my notes from the sessions I attended.

tap, tap, microphone

Dearest peeps who read this blog via RSS, did this entry show up in your feedreaders?

Fingers crossed; I think I may have found the problem that caused private entries to not show up in feedreaders.

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middle ground (updated!)

I've had my head firmly buried in Drupal for nearly two years now, and it's starting to show.  I've come a long way.  My starting point was "I have seen mentions of this software, I do not know what it does, but it might suit our needs."  Since then I've progressed to having built a multi-site install, managed by CVS—entirely on my own.  The development of my knowledge can be traced on my user account on drupal.org; my questions have slowly become more knowledgeable as I've fought my way—solo—through two very difficult conversions/migrations and a few others that were significantly easier.

Hear the 2008 Earworm List!

While joking around with friends on New Year's Eve, a couple of people noted they had NO familiarity whatsoever with most of the artists whose music I loved in 2008.  It occurs to me that, as a webgeek, I have the technology to fix this problem.

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