Best warning sign ever.

Suzan told me a story tonight that was too fabulous not to be shared.

The giving of 'red shift': 'this is the part where I'm gonna die'

Some of you knew about the full level of the shenanigans behind the giving of the quilt 'red shift.' For those of you who weren't there, feel the need to hear lots of truly gratuitous obscenities, or just want to giggle at 4x4 and Spitty getting their wedding present, I give you the videotaping of the giving of 'red shift,' videotaped by dear spousey Jeff.  Don't even try to pretend this is worksafe. Don't blame me if your ears bleed.

It was worth it.  Video (18M .mov file, alternate link here) after the jump.  Update:  Asai says no sound for her. It's playing fine for me. Anyone else having problems?

Extra notes:  no, you don't have to watch all the way through to the end.  I'm archiving the full thing for me; don't feel obligated to watch it all.

Sloganize the Huntsvegas metropolis!

I shared this with a few people last night but it's worth re-linking here.  The Huntsville Times is running a tongue-in-cheek contest to provide new slogans for our sleepy, geeky city. The current suggestions are here.

My favorites:

Why I love my siteadmins

An exchange of three emails this morning between me and one of our network admins:

To: Jay and Rich
Subject: Passing on a sitebanned IP (low-priority)

I don't know if [the network admin group for Alabama libraries] contacts ISPs when they see users nosing around for files they shouldn't, but if you do, I've got one for you. Check logs for the past six days for [redacted]