home improvement

Planning the sewing room

Assuming the freecycler I've heard from comes through, I'll be getting rid of the old sofa and love seat in the Room Of Many Purposes within the next few days. We think the room was originally supposed to be a formal dining room; it has a chair rail and is open to the living room. We aren't 'formal dining room' people, so we tossed in couches and put in a few rickety bookshelves and called it the reading room.

Shelves at last -- and future plans!

I had huge help this weekend from Crystal and Jacob. Because of Jeff's accident, I wasn't able to take my earned holidays for Christmas and New Year's, and since it was nearing the end of March, it was verging on use-or-lose status for them. I'd been babbling incessantly about doing a Great Shelving Project to anyone who would listen (and several people who politely wished I'd just shut up) and we finally got cracking on it. Of course, about halfway through, Jacob had an insight which totally changed the course of the project -- more on that insight after the photos.