Limitless source of comedy gold

There are few things in life funnier than, but I've been reading a site for a while now that may just qualify: Hanzi Smatter 一知半解

I quote: "Dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters (Hanzi or Kanji) in Western culture."

Today's phrase is "limitless source of comedy gold."

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Don't mind me, it's just linkfood

Errata in the truest sense of the word:

Courtesy of Brian, "Which Nigerian Spammer Are You?"

You are Princess Agbani. You are a student at the University of Nigeria, Lagos. You got my name through the chember of comerse. You have $21,350,000 to share, which your father, the king, left you. You have trouble spelling.

To Elijah on his First Week Anniversary

If you aren't on Misty and Stephen's "Sprout Updates" list, it's unlikely that you'll get a link to what Stephen wrote:

"To Elijah on his First Week Anniversary"


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Antiwar demonstration photos

My friend Heather took her camera to Saturday's massive antiwar demonstration in Washington, D.C. Her site,, contains 124 (so far) of the photos she shot that day, as part of a growing series entitled "This Is Democracy."

This is good stuff. Whether or not you agree with the politics being shown, you need to see these photos for yourself.

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Random English, incoherently spoken

This link, English as She is Spoke, has a writeup that makes it well worth examining:

"This 1883 book is without question the worst phrasebook ever written. The writer, Pedro Carolino, who was Portuguese, did not particularly speak English, nor did he have a Portuguese-English dictionary available. Instead, he worked with a French-English phrasebook and a Portuguese-French dictionary. The results, I'm sure you'll agree, are staggering."Today's snippet-o-joy from Danno: