Dear reader...

In lieu of the entry I'm actually taking time to write and edit and revise and actually think about, I present linkfood.

'In Teh Beginning' (lolcats meets inexplicable meets ... uh, you'll see)

From Colter: 'How To Get Your Love On' on relationships:

Rupert Giles, bring me my tea

This New York Times article has been making the rounds at work: 'A Hipper Crowd of Shushers'

"How did such a nerdy profession become cool — aside from the fact that a certain amount of nerdiness is now cool? Many young librarians and library professors said that the work is no longer just about books but also about organizing and connecting people with information, including music and movies."

Queen of the Armchairs

Things like this are what happens when I'm off from work on a sick day, sitting on the couch with the following things:

  • laptop
  • cat(s)
  • tea
  • blanket
  • chocolate

I generally don't do memes, because most of them, frankly, stink—they're clearly the twenty-minute creations of some teenage kid who drew up the 'What Is Yuor Luv Style LOL LOL' quiz during study hall. This, however, has funnier questions than most, and the results just cracked me up.

"Maybe we'll get used to eternal torment"

Usually I have at least pithy commentary. Right now, I don't, and nothing anthrax-related either (that's for later today) but I am contractually obligated to pass on this link that Brian sent me:The Armageddon Flowchart (crude text-and-arrows image but contains a few words in the image that wouldn't be worksafe if your work browser snoopers could read what's in the image)

I shall now alt-tab away from this window and continue tossing quotes from this image to my friends.


Taking a break from my unofficial hiatus due to code work…

Courtesy of Chris Petrilli, I present to you Ministry Script.

'Alejandro Paul designed Ministry Script to be "A time capsule that marks both the American ad art of the 1920s, and the current new-millennium acrobatics of digital type." The idea was to make as many possible variants of each letter as he could possibly handle.'

The elements of drama

Feed on Feeds just dished up Chris Petrilli's link to "The Elements of Drama." [worksafe]

This chart can only be described as disturbingly detailed: