This level of relaxation takes effort

So. I have to ask. Is it possible to get any more comfortable than what's shown in this photo, or has Tenzing managed to reach some kind of pathetic, heretofore-never-seen natural limit here?

This level of relaxation takes effort

You know it's impressive when even the seasoned, hardened cat tender walks in the room, rolls her eyes, and says, "You're awful, Tenzing. You should be ashamed of yourself."

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"Cat tender" ... do you have to wear leg pads to do that? ;) Man, I wish I'd slept that good.

Okay....that level of laziness is just disgusting. Absolutely pathetic....oh how I wish I was a cat.

this, and naps in the sun, is exactly why my personal spiritual goal is to be reincarnated as a housecat.