closet bee gee girl

Tonight: disco coding night in the house of the domesticat. I've been holed up in the computer room for a good chunk of the day, rotating through my collection of disco mp3s, patching up what fell somewhere between an oversight and a security hole in Quarto.

Yes, Quarto - remember that project? I seem to be back on track, in the way that a train barrelling down the track at Mach 2 could be described as being vaguely "on track."

See, ages ago, there was this tape, and it contained magnetic representations of the most egregious and flagrantly disco-ey of tunes. It came out when crisis studying was imminent or, to the horror and amusement of my roommate, when it was time to clean my half of the dorm room.Fast-forward about eight years and you've got me, sitting here in front of the computer, with hair that might or might not have actually gotten combed this morning before jamming it up into a clip (honestly can't remember if I combed it or not, sad), listening to disco and coding madly. Jeff is working on crafting a new import script for Quarto, while I've been doing the slap-happy on little bugs and holes I've found in Quarto.

Edmund has resigned himself to being ignored, and has wandered off to sleep.

Tenzing is taking the proactive approach, occasionally wandering in and standing on my keyboard until I either a) pet him or b) toss him off my desk.

For nights like this, the music is almost always going to be funk, techno, or disco. Tonight it's disco, in honor of Maurice Gibb passing away this morning. Call it a coding salute to the Bee Gees, and a mightily productive one it's been, too.

I try not to think of Monica doing the John Travolta Strut in Wal-Mart—the one thing consistently guaranteed to make me want to die of embarrassment, which she knew and used to her evil advantage—but with this music, it's rather difficult.

So, in the not-so-grand coding style, tonight's winamp list salutes the Bee Gees and other classics of the disco era…and if anything breaks on the site tonight, pay it no mind and come back in a few hours. I'm just testing stuff. Breakage happens.

(For those of you who are interested - I'm working on the final changes that will mark the move from 0.7 to 0.8, and hope to have new files available for download and testing sometime this week. If you'll excuse me, it's time to queue up some Boz Scaggs, and the rest of y'all can just go listen to something else instead.)


Ok. I've stopped being lame now. You should be able to comment now. :)

ping? I will refrain from quoting Denis Leary.

Oh, yeah, I know which one you're referring to. That's one of Leary's more brutally funny lines. Just because I'm goofy doesn't mean I can't laugh at my own goofiness.

I'm going to hell for that bit. AND YOU'RE ALL COMING WITH ME. "Get on the bus with Leary and Scorsese ... we're going right to f---ing hell."

oh good. i tried earlier and it didn't work. i was hoping it wasn't just me. what you didn't see before was my asking if you'd come up with anything about the application development and such. i said something witty too, but i can't remember what it was.