Takeover, stage 4: more exploration

After a good deal of effort, we managed to open one of the windows. (Again, many things are difficult without opposable thumbs.) Tenzing remembered how he leaned into the window screen and made it fall off, so I talked him into doing it again.We sniffed the front porch very, very carefully. There were many things that needed examining. More tasty bugs - which we ate - and a couple more spiders - which we didn't.

We wish the female one still grew catnip for us. We miss fresh catnip.

Had a grand time romping about in this "front yard," which, up until now, we had only seen and not experienced. Shame on the male and female ones for not allowing us this life-changing experience. A feline has not truly lived until he has had to clean blades of grass from between his toes.

Well, perhaps that part was a bit overrated, but rolling about in the grass and chasing invisible mice was pretty cool. We now understand "basking in the sun." The artificial sunlight inside Our house does not compare to the warm sunlight outside.

We do not understand why they keep all this from us.

We were, however, greatly distressed by the large mechanical cats that stalked up and down the street at various times. They purr differently than we do. Louder. If I didn't know any better I wouldn't think they were cats at all.

They were much bigger than us. We hid in the grass and watched them. We are smart cats. It's okay to box your brother's jaws, but sometimes random strangers just don't understand.

Really, really want belly scritchies now. Tenzing says that if we let out one of the humans, perhaps we could get belly scritchies. The male one did not leave us enough food for our afternoon feeding. Drastic measures may need to be taken to avoid starvation.


When will Tenzing realize that he should kill Edmund? Enough food there for a month?