On this day...

Every person should be so lucky to have a glance like this on a day like this one.

Rick and Jessica at the altar

To Rick and Jessica, on their wedding day, congratulations.


Congratulations! =)

That pretty much gets it right there.

May Rick and Jessica have a life filled with happiness and love.

She's beautiful! Please send my best wishes to the new couple.

Congo Ratz yall...all my best.

How Sweet! I wish them all the best!!!

The look on Rick's face when he saw Jessica coming down the aisle was absolutely priceless as well. Congrats to the couple!

To all of you... Thank you so much! For those that made it, we both truly appreciated the time and effort it took to come over and see us start our new life together. For all the locals, we are back now, and are looking forward to seeing everyone! Thanks again!

Awww.. Thank you guys! :)