Congratulations, good egg!

For Monica, who was, once upon a time, a high school friend; later, the only college roommate I ever liked; and now - a mother.


Aidan Scott Revor, born Tuesday, July 29. Eight pounds, two ounces. She's home, but he's still hanging out in the NICU until he gets some blood-sugar issues stabilized.

When we were roommates, I had a pair of, well, whatever you'd call stuffed animals if they were in the shape of stuffed eggs. One said "Good Egg," and the other said "Bad Egg." Monica and I always disagreed over which of us the Bad Egg represented - but I always figured it was probably me, in the end.

Wish I could give you a hug in person. Make Louie do it in my stead, since you're all the way out in Texas, okay?



Yep, pretty much. During our previous Atlanta trip, I sent her this email: "Still pregnant?" You know me, always rudely cutting to the chase at the most inopportune times...


Congrats, Monica and Louie. :) Hopefully Aidan will be home soon.

Welcome to the world of sleep deprivation, and the end of your needs and or wants mattering at all. Also welcome to the single best feeling in the entire world. Congrats.

Check out the rest of the pictures at

heheheheh. Yep. Hope you guys didn't mind that I didn't link those in the entry; I wasn't sure you'd want me to provide the link to a bunch of strangers. :D