The eternal optimist

I apparently don't have as much of my hearing back as I thought. Earlier this evening, Jeff came into the computer room:

"That music's really loud."

"Hrm. This sounds like my usual volume level..."

Jeff shakes his head, gives me his best "I love you but you are one crazy deaf wench" look, and says no. Apparently I was shaking a few rafters.


So, in the midst of dealing with all the entertainment of a rabid double ear infection, I've been asking myself critical, important questions like, "What truly unimportant twaddle should I post next on" The cats have been charming, but not terribly postworthy. I don't have photos taken of my newly-completed knitting projects, I've posted most of the trip photos I plan to post, and I don't have any new recipes to share.

I should learn to trust in the online world. The world of online IM'ers comes through when you least expect it.

Session Start: Thu Dec 18 19:25:19 2003
lonesome37211: we should hump each other silly
*** Auto-response sent to lonesome37211: : Currently singing in the shower. It's not pretty. I can't carry a tune with a bucket.

** This has been a recording **
Amy: and why is that?
lonesome37211: because we're both probably good at it and it would be highly pleasurable
Amy: You're "probably" good at it? What an overwhelming endorsement of your own abilities.
lonesome37211: well, I haven't had sex with enough people to form a statistical norm... so I would have to say probably... I mean, I may "think" I'm good at chess, but until I've played enough people, how could I know definitively?
Amy: Pity. I'm sure that more women would find the sexual experience far more appealing if it were followed with a scientifically-objective questionnaire regarding the quality of their partner's performance.
lonesome37211: well, while I certainly do enjoy "brainy" chicks, I tend to rely more on emotion and gut instinct in all matters sexual
Amy: How do you make the leap between relying on emotion and gut instinct to propositioning women via instant-messaging systems?
lonesome37211: the instant message is the medium, the proposition is the emotion... would a proposition over the telephone be much different?
Amy: Well, given that both contain the intimacy and emotion of a heavy-breathing crank call, I think my answer would have to be 'no.
lonesome37211: so you crave intimacy and emotion... that's telling
Amy: Given the choice between those and a text-only hump-and-jerk, I think the decision isn't a terribly difficult one to make.
lonesome37211: so you don't have intimacy and emotion in your life? Or enough of it?
Amy: Why, are you trying to offer to provide?
lonesome37211: well i do enjoy fulfilling the wants of others... i'm nurturing
Amy: You've gone from offering to hump me silly to trying to nurture me. Bit of a change in tactics there.
lonesome37211: not at all... i think i offer both, and who says there can be no nurturing when or after i'm humping you silly
Amy: Out of sheer curiosity, what kind of success rate do you have with these kinds of requests?
lonesome37211: i've never had any success whatsoever online, but why not ask? As you can see, I'm an eternal optimist


Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to battle the side effects of my meds. What I need right now is a comfy bed, a couple of kitties to cuddle with, and a cool washcloth to drape over my eyes, which are a bit swollen. Now if I could just get someone to read me to sleep...

Current music:

Eastmountainsouth - 'You Dance' (thanks, Adam!)

Barenaked Ladies - 'Alcohol' (thanks, Chris!)

Röyksopp - 'Poor Leno' (thanks, Noah!)

Holly McNarland - 'Dallas' (thanks, Heather!)


Statistical norm ... at least this guy's brighter than the usual clowns.

Okay ... one bedtime story, coming up. "Goodnight moon, goodnight room ..."