Welcome to stage three

(This entry is friends-locked for obvious reasons.) Someone commented recently that I'm talking mostly about quilts these days. If you read between the lines (or have had lunch with me recently) you are aware of what's going on in my life. Work has not been the unmitigated hell that it was two years ago, but I am now in a place I never expected to be.

  • Stage one: finding contentment
  • Stage two: the decision to move on
  • Stage three: after being prevented from moving on thanks to external factors outside your control ... a limbo state of "in the meantime, now what?"

That's where we stand. I wanted to move on some time ago, and recently most of my peer group left my workplace in one fell swoop. It wasn't coordinated. It just happened that way. I would have liked to have moved on with them, but that can't happen just yet.

I am burying myself in sewing because I don't know what else to do right now. I've accepted that my workplace will not improve much past where it is now. I have laid pretty decent groundwork for a few years down the line, assuming whoever succeeds me in the position is competent, but I question whether or not my time there has made much of a difference at all.

So I wait ... and cut fabric.

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*hug* good luck!

Sucks. I'm sorry.

It's just nice to be able to talk about it. I can build systems, but I can't force my co-workers to use them. A growing problem I've seen since I started working there is a scary and sad lack of computer literacy. If you're struggling to do basic computer tasks, the prospect of using a web-based content management system is alien and terrifying.

It is frustrating to hear other libraries and librarians discussing how they are using these tools to do fabulous things, and ours don't even want to log in. They actively refuse. I have no idea how to work around that.

Good luck, Amy.  I am stalled right now too, although there looks to be some opportunities about 2-3 years down the road for me.

*hug* There's hope. :)