Room reboot #1: office

Scott, bless him, offered to come up for a few days around New Year's, and we've been busy creatures during that time. The New Job™ means I work out of the house, but the bad part? I didn't really have a good workspace for me, my phone, and my laptop.

We needed to fix that, but doing so meant that we needed to tear down not one but TWO corner desks, combine two computers into a single work station, put in shelving, and blah and meow and etc.

Good news: we're mostly done.

Jeff's former desk:

Previously, this was Jeff's desktop machine. He got a laptop several years back, and the server can just as easily be worked from any other networked computer, so this desk has rarely been used in years.Desk #1: server, Jeff's former desktop

My former desk:

This desktop, in addition to being Amy's desktop, was the graphics machine. It's the one with the Adobe software, and saw the most use.Desk #2: the graphics machine

Scott, currently applying for sainthood, and Jeff as they worked on disassembling the equipment from the two desks (I broke down the actual desks)

Scott and Jeff worked on disassembling the server after I disassembled the desk. (...and the OTHER desk, too. Sigh. They were beasts.)Disassembly, Scott and Jeff

At the end of the night of assembly, I shot these photos to show the progress:

New desk is completely in place, and all components reunited. No more printer in the guest bedroom closet!Night #2: new desk in place


The second desk has been removed. Tomorrow we'll add in the comfy chair, and the table ... but we have to do a trash run first.Night #2: empty spot

This morning, after moving the final major pieces into place, here's where the office stands. The desk is built, the CPUs are lofted and strapped in, all of the minor bits are arranged and working, my VOIP workphone is ready and there's room for my laptop on the desk:

The CPU towers are lofted and strapped into place, the printer now has a home, and everything is functioning -- all from one, smaller, desk. Success.Ready for work in the morning

oh, and the other half of the room? A place to rest, make calls, think, and eat lunch:

Half of the room becomes a place to think, eat lunch, and relax. My beloved college chair now has a home, as well as my chess set. There are still boxes of things to put away, but much progress has been made.A corner of leisure

Now that this square table is out of the sewing room, I have to ... uh ... clean up the disaster-area sewing room, install the real tables for it, and finish it out ... but you know what? We're getting somewhere.

I can also now say, "Step into my office" and mean it.

Anyone fancy a run to the technology recycling center? Or the county's incinerator? I've got stuff to drop off...

Notable things:

  • The server's up high.
  • The printer no longer lives in the guest bedroom closet.
  • I have a desk lamp!
  • I will now work in the same room as my work phone!
  • I stole Jeff's photo frame from the hospital. It now has a ton of cat photos.
  • Why yes, I did loft the monitor with Jeff's Microelectronic Circuits textbook.
  • We still need two UPSes.
  • My scanner has a home at last!
  • Did I mention that the printer no longer lives in the guest bedroom closet?
  • No more uncomfy wooden chairs! I have a butt-friendly rolling chair. With cushions -- and ARMS. Suck it, minimalists. I like my creature comforts!


Looks really great! I'm a little envious of that little space for relaxing - I need to do something like that in my office (of course I also need to tidy up all the still-unpacked boxes).

Needing multiple UPSes isn't a bad thing, more UPSes == more gooder :)

Be wary of combining computers and chess boards in one room...


"Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War?"


...why, yes: I was in high school in the 1980s. What's your point?