A limb, a prayer, a wish, a plan

I don't talk much about wishes or dreams. It's not my way. There's a life list, but I don't say much about my plans to cross things off of it. Right now, though, I have a big one in my crosshairs, and I figure it'll make some people smile if I talk about it.

My company has a referral bonus for employees who refer new talent into the company. I have two referrals currently in the system, and now all I have to do is sit and wait to see if they are hired. One is a contractor that I have every belief will be made a full-time employee. Another is a person I don't know personally who landed in my lap through a Facebook post I made. Her resume looks excellent, and she starts interviewing next week.

I consider these possible referral bonuses as one-time windfalls, and as such, if either one of them comes to pass, I'm going to do something outlandish and extraordinary with the money.

I'm buying airfare to Australia.

I have other ideas too, but that's the main one. Could I make it to New Zealand too? Could I work from Brisbane for a while? (Coworkers in Brisbane say yes.) What would I want to do? Where would I go, aside from coworkers in Brisbane, visiting Lukas in Melbourne, and and and and?

I tell you where. Here.

Awesome image of Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday Islands.Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands Australia

(Whitehaven Beach by kevgibbo)

(whitsundays by tobyg_83)

The Whitsunday islands.

All it takes is one 'yes.' Just one, and if you think that last European trip had epic pictures you haven't seen anything yet.

Just one yes.

Just one.

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Obviously I'm pulling for ya, but there might be more selfish reasons in there. :)

Selfish reasons that I totally agree with. :D

Coworkers in Brisbane like this.

After last week I can safely say that coworkers in Brisbane went all in and have contributed so much potential crashspace that the trip (assuming it happens) should be greatly extended as a result.

You guys are amazing. I had a good cry on the train last night when I let myself think about it.

Here's hoping one of the referrals comes through. If the opportunity is given to me, I promise not to waste it.