Official "Make Fun Of Amy" Day

Just so you all know - commenting should work properly on now. Suffice it to say I'm a dork, and I should be a bit more careful when I upload files. Carry on. Comment, or something. (I already hear you getting ideas, Mr. Cavanagh. Quiet, you.)

While I have your attention, I'd also like to note that should I get my hands on the previous owners of this house (preferably while in the jurisdiction of a country that has no laws on murder) I really should do some unspeakable things to their corpses.

Just to make a point.

Every now and then, my principles get inspired, and it's usually not a good thing.

Repeat after me:

If, when you buy a house, the walls are blue, feel free to put up border in whatever rooms strike your fancy. It's your house. Go for it. Have a party.

However, if you …

  1. put up border in a few rooms
  2. decide that your walls need to be a cream-colored, not blue
  3. decide to just paint over the walls (leaving blue stripes behind the border you think is so cute and your house's next owners hate)….

…you deserve whatever punishment the Fates (and/or readers of decide to mete out to you.

My border is way cuter than your border, nyeaahhhh.

The fact that I'm reduced to saying nyeaahhhh in a post means that it's time to sign off, do something else, and not post again until my fluency in English returns.


*LOL* We are gettting ready to paint over 9 layers of paint, the top one is a cheap white over a blue oil-based paint. I'm so glad that someone is doing this for us! We also have wallpaper in our bedroom that has been up since the 60's and we are trying to get it painted over or stripped and then the walls painted.

Yeah, 'cause I'm looooooooooost. :)

Amy, it still horks up wg ... ;)

That's just not fun - my brother's house had mondo wallpaper (that hadn't been put up correctly) they had to take off inch by inch. There is something to be said for apartment living :)