Summer Twilight

25 March 2020 to 22 April 2020
Jakob and Brooke's kids
Improv squares
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Completed and given away

After getting the top for Blossom Season completed in record time, I started hunting for a second colorway that complemented the first. The first was yellow and gold, and the backing I had was multicolored with an orange focus, so I thought red would make a good companion piece. I took a break to make coronavirus masks, but had the top roughed out by the end of the week:

Strips complete: now to space them out.Summer Twilight, potential running order

My main nervousness: tolerances. Virtually everything in Portland was shut down, and I was limited to the fabric I had on hand. I had more of this backing fabric than any other in my set, and I only had enough to do two quilts if I split the backing in a very specific way, kept the dimensions very specific, and was willing to have less than an inch of tolerance on each side when quilting.

(If you're not a quilter, just roll your eyes and say that's ridiculously precise and nobody does it that way, because fabric wiggles. You'd be right. I did it anyway.)

I made Summer Twilight slightly different from Blossom Season: one had 13 rows closer together and the other had 12 rows slightly more spaced out; Blossom Season got an orange binding, and Summer Twilight a pinkish-red binding. Same backing fabric, same quilting pattern, same goofy quilt cat tunneling under the quilt during the binding process:

Each of the two quilts used the same backing fabric, but different binding fabrics. Siblings, but not the same.Behold, binding!
 Toph has taken up the formerly-vacant position of Quilt Cat. I set Summer Twilight down for maybe three minutes and she dove inside it.Dammit, quilt cat

For quilts intended for siblings, I liked the similar-but-not-same touch, especially when coupled with two non-gendered colors. Whose is whose? No idea. They can sort it out as they get older.

Summer TwilightSummer Twilight
Blossom SeasonBlossom Season

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