1 May 2020 to 9 July 2020
Star Storm
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Completed and given away

As I was completing Coriolis, using the Star Storm pattern, I realized I wasn't going to use up as much of the hospital gowns as I thought. (I'd recommend reading the entry for Coriolis to get the full story.) I assessed the fabric and realized I could get a second quilt out of the fabrics if I was careful. I had to add up the total fabric needed for each round, and measure the amount of each fabric I had, and match the fabric to the round that used as much as possible without going over. When it was done, I used:

So I can remember later exactly what fabrics I used and where.Superstar, fabric detail

  1. Black fabric I've had in my stash forever
  2. Yellow left over from a previous quilt project (one of the Phoenix quilts)
  3. Pink floral print from my late grandmother's quilt stash
  4. Bright multicolored striped sari fabric that Sean brought back from India
  5. Blue hospital gown
  6. Green hospital gown
  7. Blue stripe fabric left over from an old costume
  8. My beloved African wax fabric yellow birthday stars, my birthday fabric from London 2012 with a story
  9. Blue floral print from my late grandmother's quilt stash
  10. Purple fabric that's been in my stash forever
  11. Blue hospital gown

When I decided to do a second quilt with the hospital gowns, I started looking carefully at the rest of my stash, to see if there was anything else that I considered "special" or was holding back for some project. As I was rooting around, I noticed the box that had bits and pieces of my grandmother's fabric stash in it, and I wondered if I had enough of any fabric to use here. I discovered if I cut carefully, I could, in fact, use both the pink and blue fabric. I even pulled out one of the gorgeously striped sari fabrics Sean brought back, and the London birthday fabric.

Because so little of my grandmother's fabric stash was usable, I wanted to save it for someone in the family who is getting married soon. I haven't let the person know yet, but Mom will help me get the quilt to the person. 

Apologies - normally I'd do a longer writeup, but I feel like Coriolis really covered it. 

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