2:33 a.m.

I'm not sure if I woke the cats up, or vice versa. They crawled in bed with me about thirty minutes ago, all quivering inquisitive (cold, wet!) noses and rusty purrs. Nothing like twenty pounds of kitty coming to rest on your stomach.

(My bladder said hello.)

I started thinking about tonight's wreck and it really does have me rattled. I think that's just my way of dealing with things; a short-term high level of shock, followed by sheer and utter competence. I'll be fine when daylight comes. But the light of reality is harshest at two a.m., when there's no one to talk to and nothing to take your mind off of the events of the day.I suppose I was snoring in bed; I woke up and Jeff wasn't there. I wish he'd been there. (I write this in the full knowledge that he'll see this sometime tomorrow. Sorry, hon, but it's true.)

I'm going to take the car in tomorrow morning for an estimate, and then I've got to go by the courthouse to file something called an SR-13. Some form related to the accident. I'll get a rental car while mine is being fixed. Life will go on.

I'm just awfully attached to that car. It was given to me six years ago, at the end of my senior year in high school. The unspoken agreement was that my parents would pay for the car if I paid for my schooling—which I did, through scholarships. Despite my early collegiate dumbassness I came out a respectable driver with no accidents; just one speeding ticket back when I was barely 19.

I've tried my best to take decent care of the car, and she's lasted me through multiple long roadtrips. I met my now-spouse because of roadtrips in this car. I've made and kept a lot of friends because of those roadtrips. While originally it wasn't the kind of car I'd have wanted (I wanted a four-door car, and still do) I respect it for the reliable and paid-for machine it is.

I think that's why all this is such a shock. I hate having my apple cart upset so.

…and now, I shall attempt to sleep again. At least it's Friday.

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