Amy's quilts

These are the quilts I've done, or am doing now. I don't pretend to be the best quilter in the world, but I do enjoy playing with color. Since my day job involves me working with databases and code, it's often a pleasure and a relief to step away from that world and exercise another portion of my brain.

There's a Quiltifesto of sorts - why I'm doing this, and why I do it in the manner I do. It's a rant. You might even laugh at it. Be sure to read through the comments, too.

My quilt collection on Flickr has a photoset for every quilt listed here.

If I'm helping you decide what you want your quilt to look like, this page of ideas may help you. I love action shots. If you own one of my quilts, throw some photos into so I can see what their lives are like after they leave my sewing machine.

Want RSS feeds only of the quilts? has it. 

In progress

Say Yes, Let's Go
Mariner's Compass
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Heptagonal (aperiodic?) tiling

Completed and given away