Cairo Sunset

11 April 2011 to 24 January 2015
Jacob's mother
Mod Mosaic
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Completed and given away

For nearly four years, the entry for this quilt said: “A placeholder. I’m working on it but haven’t written it up yet. Sorry!”

It’s time to really write it up, and that requires some trawling of my inbox, eBay records, and archived Flickr photos.

The year books came back to me

With just a couple of days left to go in the year, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home brought me to my unspoken goal of reading 50 books this year. My ability to focus on books has been virtually nil since 2010, and I remember, earlier this year, how keenly I felt the loss. I was once a person who defined herself by her bookshelf, both of books read and books yet to consume, and that part of my life had stopped cold. 

evasive maneuvers

When I saved off the last entry (“the things you save from the fire”) I said a rather prophetic phrase: “It was time for evasive maneuvers.” To recap: I had a bag full of water- and soot-logged fabric that I’d rescued from a co-worker’s basement after a house fire. Now what? Math! That’s what!

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20 December 2014
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Sewing (over 50% completed)
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I’ll chronicle the Phoenix Project over the course of a few blog entries – look up to find the links for each one as I write them – to document how this project was salvaged, and what became of it.

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the things you save from the fire

To put it bluntly, my co-worker JJ has had one of the shittiest Decembers I’ve ever seen. Midway through the month, after a weekend of windstorms here in Portland, we came into work the next Monday to learn that he and his family had been hit by a freak house fire caused by the windstorm. About a week after learning that their house would have to be gutted to the rafters, and they’d be in temporary housing for six months, his wife had a stroke.