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Today's Snippet Of Amusement is brought to you by Sean Berry:

*** Message (#75) from SeanB at 4:43 PM on Sep 11, 2000 ***
>You're sufficiently bright to qualify as a co-geek: a spouse of a geek also
>qualified as a geek in her (or his) own right. If you weren't we'd have to
>classify you as a geek-spouse: that sorrowful state of someone who is married
>to and presumably tolerates a geek, but does not have the geek-nature. That'd
>be a sad state, and we'd have to use small words around you. :)

I am worthy! :)

I also just mentioned in an email to Brad that I need to stop by a home-furnishings store on the way home to purchase some new cutting boards for the kitchen. I'm starting to develop something of a local reputation as being incredibly hard on kitchen materials.

I'm not sure the reputation is deserved. I guess I always chalked it up to a combination of cheap stuff and a bad run of luck. But, when I think about it, and realistically list what I've destroyed (or otherwise rendered unusable) in the past year and a half, perhaps there's a point…

  • four cutting boards (broken apart, mostly from dishwasher)
  • one pepper mill (reasoning unknown)
  • one set of knives (they were cheap)
  • one colander (melted the bottom of it)
  • a few glasses (broken)
  • a few cooking utensils (melted or otherwise destroyed—dear Good grief, how many spatulas have I killed? Jeff might know…)
  • a wok (a cheap wok—did some tempura and the coating flaked off)

I don't count the old mixer. I nearly burned out the motor making a red velvet cake, but I stopped it in time. Then bought a kitchenaid stand mixer so I'd never have that problem again.

While I'm shopping, I might pick up another couple of nice towels. I've got some college toweling that I'd like to retire, and some more white toweling for the guest bath would be nice. After having Dan and Stephanie here for a few days, I realized that I could use a bit more.

I am, however, fully and thoroughly stocked on sheet sets, thanks to the generosity of my family before Jeff and I married. I never thought I'd need all of them, but the weekend of geekfest, I had two that needed to be washed and we used four sets that weekend…I was blessing my multitudes of aunts and their decisions to all give me sets of sheets.

But yeah….a couple more sets of nice fluffy white toweling would just be excellent.

I'll shut up now. :) Don't complain—one of these years you'll be a guest too.

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