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Okay, so I woke up this morning and said, "Hey! Let's change this puppy around a bit!"

Gotta love style sheets. They make doing this so easy.

So, anyway. The changes are, overall, cosmetic. Those of you visiting in the last couple of days will have noted the new colors in the bars up top, and the new sleek-ish logo. I decided to ditch the airbrushed-in cat ears/whiskers & halo around the 'o' in 'domesticat.' They'll probably return, eventually.As for the rest—most of what I did was some more tweaking to make the IE and Netscape versions of these pages a bit closer to each other—and to what I had in mind originally. IE was displaying my text quite a bit larger than I originally wanted.

A rundown—the text now defaults to verdana, and I changed some margin and line spacing stuff. I also fixed the sidebars—although changes will probably only be evident to IE users.

Today: so dull that it's probably not even worth telling you about. I'm going to start studying PHP today, but first and foremost I've got to buy groceries. The pantry's pretty bare, folks! After that…some more disaster recovery in the kitchen, I think. That and my reading should pretty much occupy the day.

I'm doing a website design, pro bono, for some friends. It's called "A Joyful Song"—for their fledgling business. It's incredibly rare that I do pro bono work, and even more rare when I volunteer to do it—but these are really good friends, and I know the quality of their work, so I don't have a problem offering to help out. Heck, I'm even giving them server space—that should tell you how much I like them. (Hi, Joy and Andrew—I know you read domesticat occasionally!)

Last note—the catbabies are now officially grown. Sniff. We're starting them on adult cat food today—no more kitten food once this bag runs out. Sniff, sniff. I'll still call them my catbabies, though.

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