Workday thoughts

Whee! Today I'm working (again) on my proposed redesign for my company's website. I've put in a LOT of hours on this. It's my fourth design for these guys—I've not been very happy with my previous three. This one, I think, has possibly got the goods. It's still way down deep in alpha, but you can see it on the screenshot for today (September 7).

Is it Friday yet?Had dinner over at Casa de Wondergeek since Terry's leaving today. Was quite fun, but I skipped out early on the movie because I wanted to go home and read. Brad's loaned me a copy of Why I Hate Canadians and I'm having quite a fun time reading it. I really should read amusing stuff more often. I've been hitting the literature pretty hard lately, and picking up something like this has really been nice.

He also loaned me his copy of The White House Mess which I'll read next. Mmmm….good friends.

Speaking of canadaspice, he and I were discussing last night and it came up that perhaps we should have another geekfest next year. I suggested New Orleans. It's drivable for everyone here in Huntsville, and it's got a major airport that everyone else could fly into. I also know a good hotel in the middle of the French Quarter.

…and then there's Bourbon Street. Oh yes baby, Bourbon Street, meet the wondergeeks. :D

I really need a shower, I think.

For everyone who was watching me squeal like a schoolgirl while I was riding Space Shot at the Space & Rocket Center, I have only one thing to say to you:

You'd squeal too if you realized that because of the zero-g, your boobs were floating.

I'm slowly going through all the music I got from Brad—and I just uncovered an old favorite. Back a couple of years ago, before the advent of mp3s and mix CDs, Brad dubbed me off a mix tape. One of my favorites from that tape was "Swing Baby" (Big Rude Jake).

I now have an mp3 copy of this song. I need to get the album. I'd be singing along, but I'm listening to this on headphones, and I don't think Cathy wants to listen to my scratchy yowling.