A surprise visitor

Well, I certainly got my Christmas present today.

I should've figured out that something was up when Andy wasn't on ICQ last night. I know good and well that the only time he completely shuts down his computer is when he's not at his house.

You can probably guess who, along with Heather, showed up on my doorstep this morning. With the Christmas present (a signed copy of Orson Scott Card's book, Ender's Game) of course.So much for a quiet day of getting the house clean. Instead, we went grocery shopping, team-cooked a nice dinner, and socialized. We watched the Penguins game. I didn't do much, but I'm still wiped out.

I'd write charming pithy commentary, but my brain's starting to fuzz over from the antihistamines that I took. Hopefully they'll help me sleep, too.

Tomorrow: must get the guest bathroom cleaned, and the guest beds ready for the four visitors. The kitchen's mostly ok, but I'll have to get it set up for margaritas and the like. Maybe Tenzing will let me sleep in a bit tomorrow. Bleh. I just feel so incredibly run down.

So much has happened since this time last year. Last year I spent New Year's here with Jeff, because the job that I hated so much had me on call because of Y2K. I didn't even know anyone to celebrate with, so it was just Jeff and I and two very young kittens. Tomorrow night we'll have four friends staying with us. We'll make margaritas and tell stories, watch movies and blast music, and take silly pictures at midnight. It's worth resting up for. Hopefully I won't conk out at ten p.m. They'll kill me if I do.

I probably don't have any business having four people over for the holiday, but I'm doing it anyway. Mostly because I'll regret it if I don't. I'm promising myself that I will rest on Monday. I can practically host a wondergeek gathering on autopilot now, which is a good thing, because I think that's what I'm going to have to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow I celebrate the ending of 2000. Given the horror that was 1999, there was nowhere to go in 2000 but up. I'm just glad it went up as much as it did. Most of the reasons it got better will be staying in my house with me tomorrow night. It's worth a bit of tired to celebrate that with them.

Tired. So very very tired.
Sleep now.