hallucinatory updates! :)

Welcome to my rambling mind.

(I can already see Sean settling in for a good laugh with this entry. He apparently gets a kick out of my ramblings when I'm feverish, and I'm betting this one's gonna be a classic.)

First, notations from my warped and strangely-warm mind.

  1. When my temperature hits 100F, I start getting dizzy and a bit confused.
  2. When my temperature hits 101F, I start hallucinating.
  3. My current temperature is 100.4.
  4. Having hallucinations liberally sprinkled with disco tunes can be very, very disorienting.
  5. Pedialyte tastes much less like ass than Gatorade does.
  6. At 101+ degrees, everything aches. The oddest part was when my teeth with fillings began to ache. If that was a hallucination, that was an incredibly real one.
  7. Robert Heinlein's obsession with nymphomaniac redheads becomes even more clear when you try to read the first part of To Sail Beyond the Sunset without full possession of your mental faculties.
  8. Edmund still thinks sneaking up on me and licking my nose is really cool.
  9. My right hand is still sore where they put the IV in.
  10. I don't want to stare down a porcelain toilet again anytime soon.
  11. Sean was kind enough to bring me aspirin yesterday. He even restrained himself from commenting, even once, about how I undoubtedly looked as if I'd been run over by a large, heavy object. Thanks. :)
  12. The smell of food makes me nauseous. The shake & bake chicken that Jeff made last night made me want to vomit. I think this means I should stick to soup and juice for now.
  13. If I couldn't stand the scent of baked chicken, I'm thinking that our usual Friday night dining-out is probably out of the question. Unless we have a restaurant that serves nothing but bland soup, that is.
  14. Jess, I have seen the Golden Monkey God. Or was that just Jeff soothing me in the hospital room? I'm not sure…maybe we should ask Jeff if he saw him, too.

Sigh. Okay, that was fun, scaring y'all. I'm really not THAT disoriented now. Mostly I'm just tired. Mostly I just want a nap and some real food that won't make me throw up.