valentine overload.

Here is why you are my valentine.

  • Jess—'cause moxie-filled chicks carrying cluesticks rule my world.
  • Kat - 'cause in my next life I'm gonna be tall and skinny and borrow YOUR clothes.
  • Heather—who else would wear hawaiian shirts, skirts, and birks together?
  • Tenzing—because he crrrrreeeeeeps into bed with me at three a.m. because he wants to snuggle.
  • Edmund—because he tucks me in bed every night.
  • Sean—because you teach me things I don't know and never laugh when I have to ask dumb questions.
  • Gareth—because you love what you do, and make the rest of us wish that we were half as passionate about our work as you are about yours.
  • Andy—because, well, when I'm down and I call you, you don't groan audibly and hang up the phone (as you probably should!)
  • Brad—because a friend who's willing to haul beer all the way across North America for you (and refuse payment for it) is a friend to be treasured.
  • Ellie—because you're doing things the hard way, because you think you're doing the right thing—and not many people have the courage to do that.
  • Colter—you say that without me you'd still be in radio; without friends like you I'd probably still be an English major.
  • Andrew—because you share my love for all things artistic—who else would I dissect the Oscar nominations with—but because you had the courage to make the arts the focus of your daily life
  • Joy—because I know good and well that those discussions I hear from Andrew don't emerge in a vacuum—they have your stamp on them.

Lastly, Jeff.
For many, many reasons—but mostly because you're you, and I'm me, and for some reason the combination of the two just works. :)