New pictures for your perusal

Ok...more snapshots of life going on its merry way. View and be appropriately amused.

Kat and I made silly faces with Jonatha Brooke after her show in Nashville.Flickr
I met Jonatha Brooke in Nashville.

Sean demonstrates samurai moves with the shovel he'd just broken.Flickr
Samurai Sean wielding the shovel he'd just broken.

Perching on my computer desk meant one of two things:  'I want to watch the birdies!' or 'Cuddle me NOW.'  This could be either.Flickr 'Feed me.'  (Though, this spot is typically Edmund's.  There must be a story here that has been lost to time.)Flickr
Tenzing perched on my desk and being a pain in the ass, and lounging on the tall kitty perch.

From left to right:  Rick, Heather, Kat, Sean, and Geof.  I'm serving as Sean's armrest.April 2001 bowling group

The bowlers, from left to right: Rick, Heather, Kat, Sean, and Geof. Yes, I'm the short one. Shut up, you. (original on flickr)

Enjoy. I'm spending the day at Panoply with friends. I plan to bask in the sunshine and read. Should be quite nice.