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(Side note: the webcam's back up. I'll point it at the cats when they're in the room with me. Enjoy.)

Several months ago, I stopped questioning why I was writing for this site and simply got into the business of writing for it. In the end, I think it was the right thing to do; instead of wondering about my motives and my variously interesting neuroses, I decided to do what I enjoy most: the arranging, scattering, and recombination of words.In the almost-365 days since I started writing for this site last year, I've written about a little bit of everything. From dealing with marriage and death and joy and confusion, it's all here, in varying shades of clarity and obfuscation.

In my way, I had my own Walden-esque goals: to write about the things that mattered—and not just the things that matter today, but the people and events that will still matter to me ten, twenty, forty years from now.

Secondly, a goal that, on the outside, doesn't seem like much, but has vast implications: to never retract anything I say here. Doesn't sound like much, does it? In practice that means a nightly reflection before choosing whether or not to say words; learning not to say things in the immediate crush of anger, but choosing to look with eyes that see further than the end of this workweek.

I don't succeed that often. But every now and then—every once in a while—I write something that looks past the surface and everyday, and sees what matters. Those are the ones I go back to; for the language, the thought, the phrasing, the cadence, the emotion.

With that, I offer you a short list of entries I think are worth a revisit.

Did I miss a favorite of yours? comments [at] domesticat.net (Drop me an email.)

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