Weekend plans

Waiting in the wings, life is waiting to interfere again. With a batch of cherry jam and cherry-spearmint jam completed, I have re-cleaned my kitchen and am prepared for the next onslaught. This afternoon, Kat and I are going to tackle peach preserves, and afterwards, the kitchen shall need to be cleaned again.

Tomorrow: Sean attempts to rototill the other enormous flowerbed while the ground is still sodden from this week's rains. While he's doing that, Kat and I will probably make a run out to the Huntsville Botanical Garden, which offers free mulch for the hauling. Since we have a lot of bare ground, we could use a lot of mulch, and this appears to be the cheapest way to handle it.

We'll place the mulch and then it'll undoubtedly be time for everyone to take a break.

Tomorrow night is the penultimate: game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. I'm cheering for Ray Bourque to finally get his coronation, as is Geof, and everyone else is ambivalent-but-interested-in-a-good-time, so we'll just gather at my place for hockey, drinks, and dinner.

Though they will not necessarily proceed in that order. It's hard to predict.

I'll also be due for a grocery run in prep for this dinner, as well. I'll fit that in sometime tomorrow afternoon. Busy as usual; this is good.

News: Gareth will be coming back stateside soon—I'm looking forward to this. I'll be nice to have him here in person instead of just on ICQ. No word as to when, exactly, he'll be arriving, but it should be in the next month or two.

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