From the living room

Computer upgrades necessitating that I wipe and completely reinstall all software on my computer dictate that I may not be fully net-accessible for the next couple of days.

In addition to that "life" thing. Always seems to interfere when what I really want to do is sit in front of a keyboard and write, it does.Today: helping Geof move into his new apartment. Corollary: I'm lousy at hauling and moving stuff, especially when large, bulky items are involved. Best to leave the heavy lifting to professionals. However, if you want your kitchen unpacked or a suitable layout created for your living room, I'm your domesticat.

Tomorrow: the friends that came in from Atlanta are probably going to nibble away at my time. I suspect we'll be journeying to the farmer's market in preparation for Monday's activities. Suzan (one of said Atlanta journeyers) indicates an interest in learning how to make jam. We'll probably rampage around a bit to see what's available in the local markets, and then make a batch of jam from whatever goodness we find.

At least my experience is coming in handy there.

Tonight: watched Charlie's Angels. Yet another example of summertime moviedom: sit down, turn off your brain, and watch the wire-work. One of the IMDb commentors wrote: "Mind-numbing entertainment can be great if you're in the right mood."

He's right, of course. There were stretches of time in which I was able to shut off the yapping movie critic in my head; the rest of the time, though, I spent asking myself, "Plot? Is there one?" (There was, vaguely—along with enough loose ends to nourish a couple of equally-glitzy sequels.)

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