A short Canadian holiday: in pictures, II

Vancouver. Two words: good food. Cheap sushi and fabulous Ethiopian food.

If you only look at one picture, take a look at the one of us standing inside the tree. If I hadn't seen that tree with with my own eyes—and stood inside it—I don't think I would have believed it from the pictures.

Anyway. You've probably wondered about the impersonal nature of the updates this week. It's nothing terrible, but dragon*con is coming up. Depending on the state of my exhaustion and stability of net access, there may or may not be entries before Tuesday.

If there are, though, expect commentary on all things dragon*con. I'm interested in not just the 'con events, but also the people who would attend an event such as this. I'll probably find all kinds of content fodder. Then again, as someone pointed out to me recently, just about everything's grist for the mill these days.