BirthdayBash2001 part 2: Geek Country Estate

The pictures, part two.  Full photoset is available here.

  • The cats, before the madness: Edmund snoozing on my desk. Tenzing decided he liked guitars, then found his own paw fascinating. Eventually they gave up, became the two-headed cat, and fell asleep.
  • We were lazy on Friday afternoon. (Heather discoes in the comfy chair.) John didn't want to hang out in the house and be lazy like the rest of us during the day, so he and Jess went out to get some shots: climbing trees, and next to the Blackbird. I still don't know why we have this picture of feet, though.
  • What's a geekfest without a jam session? Geof on harmonica and video camera. Jeremy demonstrated serious bass-fu. John brought his guitar, Sean sang, and Jess served as drummer. After a while, Jeremy and John seemed to have the hang of things
  • After that, John made us all dinner. We adore any geekboy who cooks for us. Edmund actually approached the guys on the couch, and very carefully watched Jeff in case he actually tried to touch him.
  • The required Wondergeek Kiss for John (photo #2), Jeremy, Jeff, and Geof
  • Then Jess mixed up a batch of Broken-Down Golf Carts.
  • Then it was time to play cards…
  • Two group pictures. Jess alone. John by himself (I adore this picture; it's how I remember him—he has such lovely eyes). Jeremy alone. Kat alone, and mugging with me. Sean demonstrates exasperation. Kat and Amy howling with laughter, and John demonstrating some chairdancing moves.
  • Eventually we decided to move back into the living room. Jeff and Jeremy got to talking about music; John and Jess and Gareth claim the couch, and Kat and Sean take the loveseat. At some point, Jess and Gareth start looking cute for the camera, and Sean goes kittyfishing.
  • Then we decided it was time to call the canadacrew. Someone hands me the phone, and I'm talking to Will and I start laughing so hard I can't stand up.
  • Everyone went home at that point—except John, who stayed with us. John placed his stuffed animal on the cat perch, which confused the cats. But hours later, at something like four a.m., we're sprawled out on the couches, talking, and Edmund decided he liked John enough to curl up by his feet.
  • All in all, it was a great way to start a birthday.