Game's up, domesticat!

A lot of the time, I write here about the serious, the thoughtful, the life-changing.

Tonight: the silly.

So I finally get to talk to Aaron, to get times and details hammered out for my trip (huzzah! he doesn’t care if I go gallivanting about on my own!). In preparation, I spread out papers and such in the guest bedroom.

Immediately, Tenzing does his patented chirrup-hop! onto the bed, looks at my papers, and starts sniffing balefully. The mixed suspicion and curiosity were plain to see.

He sniffed, examined, and ignored my loose travel notes; notebook; pens; Visor; and maps of Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Michigan.

As I speak, he is currently curled up, sleeping placidly, on my Illinois map. Yes, the state that I’ll be spending the most amount of time in.

Game’s up, domesticat. Tenzing doesn’t miss a trick. He knows. I don’t know how, but he does. It’s easy for me to anthropomorphize my cats, but this situation all but begs for it. Silly, perceptive kitty. Jeff’s going to have his hands full while I’m gone.