Pictures: New Orleans trip, dragon*con, and Club Todder

Kat finally found her roll of film from our trip to New Orleans earlier this year. It contains some pictures that I referenced in a previous entry, The Jester of Jackson Square. They’re linked in that entry now, if you’re curious to see photos of the balloon artist (Checkers) I was describing.

There are also a few other pictures from that trip which don’t fit in with the theme of that entry. Full photoset here.

I wish I were kidding about the truck. It was the most frightening custom job I’ve ever seen on a vehicle.

The Spock’s Beard concert photos from dragon*con are here.

Lastly, a few from a party that Geof threw at Club Todder, his apartment. Toby was Todd’s hairless cat (a Sphynx, if you’re curious). He died not long after this party, so these may well be the last pictures of the little guy. He was a sweetie. Photoset here.

Wow. I can finally move these shots off of my desktop. They’ve been here a while now.