Pictorial memoir: Illinois

I confess. I was a bad, bad girl while I was on my trip. I didn’t take any pictures. But—for those of you who just can’t live without having this sort of thing, I did save strange and random bits of things to put together into a collage.

2001 Illinois trip collage
[see full-sized version on flickr]

Here’s what you’ll find in the picture:

  1. The all-important packing list, taken from my visor. Can’t forget the cell phone, or beer for the host.
  2. My alarm clock, with the ‘alarm’ pointer still signifying my four a.m. wakeup time.
  3. Chicago Transit Authority bus pass.
  4. Pass to the Dana-Thomas house, which I toured in the rain.
  5. Movie ticket from Innocence. I cried.
  6. Cashier was USCAN’? Aaron and I both boggled over that one. Quite funny, we thought.
  7. Andrew’s directions for how to get to the Savoy Theatre.
  8. The writing on the postcard I sent to Jeff from Chicago.
  9. When you leave for a week, there are lots of things to do.
  10. I left on time. That’s when I first bought gas on the way out.
  11. Notes on when I was changing houses.
  12. Aaron writes randomness on his grocery lists.
  13. The best tour, by far, was the free tour I got at the Vachel Lindsay house.
  14. I went to the Sears Tower. I bought postcards, but couldn’t make myself go to the observation deck.
  15. I finally saw Waking Life, which I’d wanted to see for months.