A well-trained human

I present to you photos of what may possibly be the most rotten cats in the history of the world. Edmund on the top shelf of my computer desk during the day:

Always good for an or two.

My favorite, though, is when his head and he keeps on sleeping.

Tenzing is more demanding. When he wants scritchies, he lets you know, and he usually gets what he wants:

Then usually falls asleep in some bizarre position:

I am a well-trained human, yes.

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I would just like to state the obvious. Those pictures of Edmund do nothing for his weight. He looks like an even fatter ass than he really is!

awwwww kittylove is a great thing huh? :O)

Heh. I've never thought Ed much of a fat-ass, but I guess that's because I know how big Cymba [my friend PJ's fat tabby] is these days ...

those cats are even cuter than me!!! _I_ want a job where nobody bats an eyelid when my head falls off the desk and the drool runs down my chin like a waterfall...

First visit. First reaction... I can't believe you have a cat named Tenzing. We were going to name our orange tabby that. Only we couldn't think of it (long story) so we named him Tang the Sherpa instead. Precisely because he loved to climb and "perch" on me like Tenzing was you in those photos. A very cool, I'm not as insane as people tell me, feeling. Thx. ~C

i haven't had a cat in a long, long time. i'm a bit allergic to them, but have had several and they were great (and funny) friends. you've got me started thinking about cat stories. could this be a meme????

LOL Amy they are beautiful -- they look like they think they are still kittens, thus small enough not to squash Mummy forhugs! :) My kittens are brothers, I hope they are as cute as yours are when they are that age.