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Hello, and welcome to the fifteenth edition of My Kitties Are Cuter Than Yours! I'm domesticat, and I'll be your host tonight. In this edition of the show we'll explore the general silliness that abounds when two thoroughly spoiled rotten felines (total combined weight: 29 pounds) have to be sedated in time for their yearly vet visit.

Common side effects of feline sedation:

  • inability to jump from the floor to the couch
  • inability to walk without falling over
  • crossed eyes
  • extreme lethargy
  • complete limpness when picked up by favorite human
  • inability to lie down gracefully ("thump!" was heard a lot)
  • inability to meow properly ("meh?" and "sque….." were heard a lot)

Exhibit A: Before Sedation
Edmund, lying on the guest bed, at peace with himself and his world.

Exhibit B: Sedation Day
The cats spent nearly 24 hours straight on the couch. They were at their funniest about six hours after their dose of sedatives. I put them on their blanket, where they promptly made themselves at home (note Edmund's vacant kitty smile) on their blankets (note the feet dangling in the air and his vacant gaze).

Possibly the most exquisitely funny cat photo, ever: Tenzing, unable to lie properly on his side, ended up with his feet in the air.

Exhibit C: Forgiveness
As the drugs began to wear off (and they began to wake up) the drugged aloofness went away. We settled in to watch Buffy episodes, and the cats, as usual, decided that their mission in life was to get as close to me as felinely possible. Jeff got a good photo of them tucked into the crook of my leg, then handed off the camera so that I could get a shot of what things looked like from my point of view.

I spent most of my free time laughing at the silly critters. Unable to jump safely, they had to be lifted from the floor to the couch, and vice versa. Thankfully, they were so doped up that they spent almost every moment in their blankets (yes, the very blankets that caused my fall—and thus my jammed finger—the night before).

As far as we can tell, they've already completely forgotten about the sedatives, but they're more than willing to take any amount of apology scritchies I feel required to bestow on them.

Even if they don't understand why they're getting them.

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