New skin: acquiescence

Bad things are bound to result when friends bring digital cameras to my house. In this case, many cute kitty pictures were taken. My original intention was to make a skin based off of an interesting road sign near my house, but as usual, the creative muse doesn't always listen to sound advice.

Instead, I present a fluffy pink skin based off of one of the cutest pictures I've ever managed to take of Edmund. He's incredibly skittish to most people, but around me he's quite the opposite.This is what Edmund looks like when he's both trusting and curious. (The camera makes interesting whirry noises!)

Stats on the design: it's a three-column design (rare for me) with customizable sidebars. I'm virtually certain that it's not going to play properly with IE for Macs, so those of you using that browser are warned…

Meanwhile, I'll ponder that 'traffic' skin. Maybe it'll actually get designed, and maybe it'll just remain a series of interesting photos that'll never see the light of day. Who knows? In the meantime, I defy your cats to be this cute…

As usual, please post any problems or glitches you notice, and I'll fix as many as I'm able.

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Meow! You should have seen Jeff trying to take photos. It was soooooooooo not happening. Of course, I knew better than to even try with Edmund. Tenzing, now maybe he would settle down for me for once. Gah, this is an adorably cute skin, so it's staying on the desktop for a while. I need a dose of cute this week.

Oh, yes, if it's anything, it can be described as "aggressively, screamingly, obnoxiously cute." Describes Mr. Edmund quite well, it does...

Ohhh, I ADORE it!!! And, btw, I am on a Mac with IE, and looks fine to me. :)