The kitty in the laundry

In the midst of the seriousness that is normally, I present a thoroughly silly and amuzing pop quiz. Examine this photo carefully: the kitty in the laundry

Your question: based on the tail in the picture, please identify the name of the cat, and whether the laundry is dirty or clean.

Disclaimer: Kat, Gareth, and Jeff are automatically disqualified, because Kat and Gareth already know the answer, and Jeff took the picture.

Go forth and conjecture. I'll post a comment with the answer soon enough.

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Well, the laundry looks clean, based on the shape of the socks. As for the cat, I'm just going to guess Tenzing.

Tenzing is the claustrophiliac, isn't he? I can't begin to know about the laundry, but I'm guessing dirty, cause cats seem to like dirty stuff. (?)

Hrm. Now that I think about it, I have to wonder if the clothes are dirty, because if they're clean and have just come out of the dryer, that means Amy washes colours and whites together. Can I change my vote to dirty?

Of course you may. But then the dingoes will eat you.


Does Alice know you have a baby?

I don't have a baby because the dingoes ate it!

Mmmmmm baby, the other OTHER white meat.....

Rats, I'd guess it's Tenzing in dirty clothes, too, but I was out in BoeingLand and didn't see this until now.

I have no idea why this entry would prompt me to make my first comment, but even before I looked, I guessed "dirty." Yes I do - I'm a sucker for cat pictures.

Edmound and Dirty. The clothes look like they're dirty, and everyone else said Tenzing and I always like to be contrary.

I vote for "you borrowed someone else's cat and put them in the laundry, which has never been either used or washed, to fool us the whole time." (Sorry, but I just watched The Usual Suspects again.) =)

It is either Cat A or Cat B. By a simple process of induction, we can rule out any other cats that may come up as a matter of discussion. For instance, the probability is very low that this tail belongs to Sam. However, if we directly observe the cat, by say, moving the laundry, then the waveform will collapse and the cat will cease to exist in this reality....or not. I therefore must state with all confidence that the cat in the picture is Vice President Cheney.

Cheney's a cat?! That's an insult to felines all over the world.

At least he didn't say it was Ashcroft.

Ashcroft is a dung beetle.

Do I get a prize for knowing its Edmund even having never met him in person?

Oh, yeah - dirty - it appears to be on the floor. Unless you put your clean laundry on the floor :-)

i feel silly guessing as i don't really know any of the other people who have commented, nor do i know amy that well. but i figured, why not? i agree with sam....edmund and dirty. :)