The kitty in the laundry, part 2

Your task from Friday: given the photo of the kitty in the laundry, determine both a) the name of the cat in the laundry and b) whether the laundry was dirty or clean.

Edmund is on your left. Tenzing is on your right. There will be a test.Which is which?

The answer lies in the shape of the tail. While Edmund and Tenzing do admittedly look alike (being brothers and all) they have very different tails. Tenzing's tail has a very broad, blunt end, and Edmund's tail ends in a sharp, well-defined point.

The kitty in the photo had a blunt-ended tail…and therefore was Tenzing.

So how could you tell whether the laundry was dirty or clean based on which cat it was?

Our cats may look alike, but they certainly don't act alike. Edmund likes his laundry dirty, and thinks the best time to play in laundry is right before I prepare to wash it. On the other hand, Tenzing thinks the best laundry is the warm and soft laundry fresh from the dryer.

In other words, if the cat's trying to nest in the dirty underwear, it's Edmund; if it's trying to burrow under the clean towels, it's always Tenzing.

Jeff took the photo the other morning while I was still asleep. He said that while he was getting ready for work, Tenzing just started using his nose to burrow himself under the towels. Jeff had just enough time to dash for the camera, turn it on, and snap a quick photo as all but the tail disappeared under the pile of towels.

Along the way, we managed to establish that dingoes ate Brad's baby, Noah just finished watching The Usual Suspects, and that we do tend to put laundry on the floor.

Meanwhile, I find the fact that the current Red Wings-Hurricanes game is about to go into a third overtime extremely interesting, so I'm closing this off and going back to my hockey.

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At least I was half right. :) I'm quite pissed with myself ... I zzz'd out about :30 into 3OT. :(

OH well, I was going on color of tail, which I still think was Edmund!

So you -do- wash whites with colours. Tsk.

Or at least dry them together.

Neither. That's more than one load of clothes in that pile. :)

I stayed up to the end of the Wings game. Hehehe. We were watching it on a Tivo, and since we were waiting for a couple of guys to show up, we started watching it like 45 minutes or more late. It was nice, because we just skipped all the commercials until we caught up to "now" in the third period. ("What the hell am I looking at? When does this happen in the game?" "Now. You're looking at Now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now." "What happened to then?" "We passed then." "When?" "Just now. We're in now now." "Go back to then." "When?" "Now." "Now? I can't." "Why?" "We missed it." "When?" "Just now." "When will then be now?" "Soon." etc.) They claimed I got the assist because I wandered upstairs after the second overtime and realized that someone forgot the Red Wings flag, so I took it downstairs and waved it around and we won.