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Part 1: Springsteen

Marriage is comprised of one-third rational decision-making and two-thirds nodding, agreeing, and doing your own thing anyway. (In my world, at least.) Chris reminds me of a particular example of the latter for Jeff and I: the music of Bruce Springsteen. It's not a simple case of either getting it or not getting it; Jeff just really isn't bowled over by Springsteen's singing style, and that negative opinion makes Springsteen's music uninteresting to Jeff.

Or, as I said to Chris a moment or two later:

I have always suspected that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who have taken a bottle of something painfully alcoholic out into the back yard and drank it because it was the most reasonable solution at the time, and those who don't get Springsteen.

Part 2: Atonement

If you are one of the legions of my friends with a U.S. telephone number and a simmering rage at the fact that I haven't used my obnoxious number of cell phone minutes (and free long distance) to call you and brandish my particuarly-odd form of yawping in your general direction, you may register a complaint via email. In other words, I've got the house to myself tomorrow night, and I should probably make a point to acknowledge that my friends exist.

Matthew, you don't count, since I'm trying very hard to get in the habit of calling you every Thursday. Our weekly rant session has proved to be strangely cathartic.

Part 3: Astral Projection

After a good bit of looking, it appears that those older Astral Projection albums I like can be had at I've wanted a copy of 'Dancing Galaxy' for several years; you know an album is difficult to get when you can't get a copy of it on Amazon at all.

Part 4: Where you at, woman?

Right here where I've always been! I'm not intentionally taking a sabbatical, though it might seem like it; I've just had very little of interest to say to the rest of the world. Never fear - silence is not a bad thing. It just means I'm out living my life. When it's time to write, I'll write.

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Astral Projection = teh stuff. Been bouncing all morning long. Had a strange desire to wave my hands around with light sticks.