meet the wiggles

After all the commentary I've made about the unruly nature of my hair, someone asked me if I'd provide a couple of photos of what it looks like. I present two photos, both of which are pretty reasonable images of what you can expect my hair to be like on any given day. Now that it's long and neatly clipped again, I resort either to the low-ponytail or the two-chopsticks method of restraining it. Any doubt you might've had about the length or thickness of my hair can be answered by looking at how much of the chopsticks are hidden under that bun.

Wiggles, restrained

When freshly washed, tamed with silicone goo, and generally behaving, the s-shaped firecracker wiggles look like this now. It's better described by what it isn't than what it is: neither red, nor brown, nor blond, nor straight, nor curly. Brownish-blondish-reddish and wiggly.


Don't ask what it looks like without the use of hair-taming bits. Some horrors are best not spoken of.

Unless I am gravely mistaken, it will be waist-length by dragon*con, which undoubtedly means that someone get bored and give me lots of little braids, or come up with something utterly goofy and punky to do with it. No matter what, they'll have plenty to play with.

Not to mention - my blue hair extensions from dragon*cons past are now far, far too short for my current hair. Guess I need to learn how to make my own. I'm certainly not going to dye my hair (because I'd never, ever manage to get my true color back) and clipping in random blue streaks works much better if the blue streaks aren't a hand's-span shorter than your true hair.

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Sounds like how I describe my hair. Only difference is that my hair is true blonde (and very thick), and only partially wavy in only parts of my hair. Leaving it long made it very heavy, which made it less wavy in portions of my hair. I had tried perming it when I was 16 (mistake #1, hair is too heavy and stuborn), and getting it straightened long after the perm had "fallen out" when I was 19 (mistake #2, fried it just as bad as perming did). I always turn down all recommendations from hair stylists to layer my hair (it always looks awful with my hair). I recently got my hair cut short again (after 2 years of growing out due to husband's request), and I don't miss the length. When they styled it at the salon I went to, they used a straightening iron and a bit of gel. My hair looked great for the first time in a long time.

Chris - I know the feeling. My hair is obnoxiously thick as well. (Beefy hair strands and lots of 'em.) My hair is very heavy, no two ways around it - but I find that it's easier to manage when very long, because the worst of the frizz is weighted out, and I have the option of ponytailing, braiding, or doing the two-chopsticks trick. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person whose hair looks horrendous in layers. Since my hair doesn't have a consistent curl, layering is nothing but an invitation to Cowlick City. Never ever again shall such things be done to my hair. :)

Waist-length, huh? You'll be joining the ranks of us long haired hippie-freaks, I guess then. :x Mine used to be blonde, but being a computer geek does not give me the sun highlights I had as a child and teen-ager and it's become it's natural light brown. It's ungodly thick as well. And I have the added bonus of mine being absolutely stick straight and any body I might have in it is completely pulled out by the weight of it (being past my knees). The only recent picture I have that shows my hair is rather odd. On my way to Rocky Horror at Aggie-Con. Oh, the things we do at con....

Joining? Amy's been there for a while. ;)

Polar opposites here: fine, VERY straight, but a lot of it (would you call that "high density follicles"?). Long works better for me too (it's mid-butt at present) because I can't make it do much in the way of a style (unless there is teasing or a lot of gel and hairspray involved). If it gets long enough to sit on, I end up nearly giving myself whiplash. Your hair is *very* pretty, by the way! :)