199.75.That's all.

(Need an explanation?)

You'll have to excuse me. I've been waiting to celebrate this day for ten months.

More after I have my ice cream.

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Yay...I'm so proud of you. Although, I think you were fine like you were. We are what we are, and a stupid number does not make us greater or worse because of what it says! Keep up the good work, provided it's what you really, really want! cheers!

Congratulations. It must have extremely pleasing to have gotten there with pure hard work and determination, taking into account the horror of passing the number going in the opposite direction. Keep it up and enjoy.

Hurray! Well done!

Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations! :D

YAY!!!! Congratulations. Yes, I understand the psychological significance of a number. I am 3 pounds away from weighing what it says on my drivers' license. The same number it said when I was 16 -- and I was LYING my ass off (literally! heh). It's still a huge number. But it's a big deal to me. You look gorgeous, too. :)

Gee, I'm glad I don't have to have my weight on my driver's license o_O! CONGRATS!!!! !!! *Glee!*

:-). I've been following the "weighty issues" for quite some time, and hence, didn't need to read the explanation. Congratulations.