radio silence?

The dumbfounded question of the week: "What do you mean, there was a miscommunication and Sprint disconnected the wrong T1 line?"

End result? Radio silence for me, and most of my friends, for the past two days. Almost all of us have email accounts and websites on the same machine (, all hail Gareth!). The techops, dconsecurity, dragoncontv and Huntsville locals mailing lists were all down as a result.

The bad news? Most of the locals - even those of us who live maybe a mile down the street from each other - are so dependent on the locals list that we couldn't even get a Thursday night Rosie's run planned without it.

By the way, Jessica's in town tonight, heading home from Penn State. She hasn't had a good dose of Rosie's in two years. Tonight we indulge: the Amazing Ass-Padding White Cheese Dip, the margaritas of doom (the reason the locals yell "margarita! grande! dos!" at random times), and then hope that someone's sober enough to drive us all over to the bowling alley, where we will demonstrate our stupid bowling tricks until we get embarrassed, sober up, and slink home.

Hopefully now that the T1 is back up, Gareth will turn back to normal from the mottled shade of purple we think he's probably been for the past two days.

Maybe the rest of us will bother to learn each other's phone numbers, but I wouldn't count on it.


:chuckle: Downtime sucks. However, I had everyone's number and working email ... :duck:

Yeah, I didn't think of it being an omnipotent dot net thing, since my email was working just fine, thank you. :) If my second message hadn't gone out, I'd've started calling.